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“the talents of the world” by Ani Ilkov

Translated by Nenko Tsatsarov   look the sun is rising now look it is setting and your face shines or darkens and this is the time […]

“Lesson” by Fedya Filkova

Translated by Victoria Iankova   I tried everything. Finally I reached out and touched his eyebrow – it hid his stare. Now on the bank of […]

“The Body-Cry” by Alexander Baytoshev

Translated by Hristina Ivanova   In each town there is one enormous cry.   It sleeps in lunatics’ bodies. It hangs in the naked trees.   […]

“An Absurd Little Story” by Yanitsa Radeva

Translated by Yana Yakimova   The Unknown Woman, whom fortune chose to be the heroine of the following story, closed the door and found herself before […]