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„Самотният град. Приключения в изкуството да бъдеш самотен“ от Оливия Ланг

Оливия Лаинг е британска писателка и литературен критик. Тя е била главен редактор на „Обзървър“ и работи като писател за „Гардиън“, „Ню Йорк Таймс“, Ню Стейтсмън“ […]

“Stones” by Andriana Spasova

Translated by Kamelia Getovska   I sculpt the stones you throw. They are soft and smooth and warm and become an ornament, just like every cosmos […]

“The Card-Player’s Morning” by Kristin Dimitrova

Translated by Kalina Momcheva   Good morning, eyes. Smile. And in your dream, old ladies sold you roots, and your day doesn’t please you. Who makes […]

“Children’s Book in an Unknown Language” by Marin Bodakov

Translated by Vesela Koeva   What kind of soup did my father love as a child, did he finish his food, what did he hide under […]